Our Team

Get to Know the Learn-WiseGo Team!

Glenn Abel Image

Glenn Abel

Co-Founder, CEO

Glenn is the CEO of Magnifi Group. He works out of the San Diego office and is responsible for the sales and customer support teams.

Fun Fact: Glenn can play the Melodica and coaches a youth Rugby team in his spare time.

Andrew Wolpe Image

Andrew Wolpe

Co-Founder, President/COO

Andrew is the President and COO of Magnifi Group and oversees product development and global business development.

Fun Fact: Andrew Knows how to juggle.

Laura McClain Image

Laura McClain

Account Manager

Laura is an Account Manager at Magnifi Group who works out of the San Diego office and focuses on client management and eLearning content development. Laura is also responsible for the coordination of the Spine IEP events.

Fun Fact: Laura has visited 10 countries and counting.

Susanna Iyavoo Image

Susanna Iyavoo

Project Manager

Susanna is a project coordinator in our San Diego office. She works on new development projects, quality assurance and bug fixing.

Fun Fact: Susanna is obsessed with Candy Crush.

Marzia Tumeo Image

Marzia Tumeo

Account Manager

Marzia is an Account Manager based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

She loves travelling and collecting maps of all cities she has visited to create one day a big customized world wall map.

Fun Fact: Before reading a magazine, she leafs through it starting from the end.

Carolynne Matsukado Image

Carolynne Matsukado

Account Manager

Carolynne is an Account Manager based in the San Diego office. Carolynne focuses on client management, eLearning content development, and event assistance.

Fun fact: Carolynne has been to over 70 concerts and appreciates music of all genres.

Carolynne Edrington Image

Pam Gonzalez

Account Manager

Pam is an Account Manager in our Wiesbaden office. She focuses on  client management, event assistance and Elearning content. She has two rescued Australian cattle dogs.

Fun Fact: She loves Photography. She can spend several hours/ days in the outdoors just to get a good shot of a sunset or to capture the Milkyway.